Print 3d

Table of Contents

1. Note
2. Introduction
G codes
Compiling Marlin
Customizing Marlin
Printing SW
3. Printer server
Repetier Server
4. Slicer
5. Printing tricks
Falling off the heated bed
First layer issues
Shrinking and wrapping
Cooling fans
Melted peaks
Free hanging
Second layer does not attach
Click noise from extruder
Too much or too less material
Stepper motor looses some steps
6. K8200 or Reprap 3drag
Z axis end stop switch
Z axis issue
Filament feeding issue
Temperature control issue
PT1000 instead NTC
Heated bed issue
Direct extruder
Double extruder

List of Figures

2.1. Important parameters
3.1. Octoprint
3.2. Gcode Viewer
3.3. Webcam
3.4. Disaster
3.5. Repetier Server
4.1. Slic3r
5.1. Shrinking and wrapping
5.2. Printing Upside down
5.3. Free hanging
5.4. Notch effect
5.5. No notch effect (soluble support material)
5.6. No notch effect (detachable support material)
5.7. Second layer problem
6.1. K8200
6.2. K8200 LCD
6.3. z axis switch improvement
6.4. Broken filament
6.5. No stiff filament
6.6. Extruder temperature check
6.7. Extruder temperature check
6.8. Magnified Extruder NTC
6.9. NTC characteristics
6.10. Bed temperature check
6.11. PT1000 curve
6.12. FK422 PT1000 B
6.13. Extruder with PT1000

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