Since beds are very different some adjustments might be necessary to have the expected result.

  1. Put PIBS under a leg of the bed, maybe it already works as desired, so the following steps can be skipped.

  2. Put a bathroom scale under a leg of the bed to check the weight of the bed. PIBS can be used in 2 spring of 4 spring configuration. Two springs work well for beds putting up to 20kg on the bathroom scale. Resulting in beds up to 80kg.

  3. Loosen the top plate screws and move the top low plate in the uppermost position, so it is right below the sensor plate. The tight the screws in this position. In this position the bed is lift up at its maximum and PIBS has the most traveling distance.

  4. Remove the proximity sensor

  5. Without bed the springs have a length of 25mm. Now put it under the empty bed. The springs will deflect, but they should not be fully compressed. If they are fully compressed then the bed is too heavy for this PIBS version. If a 2 spring configuration has been chosen than insert the additional 2 springs and restart.

  6. When the bed is put on PIBS then the screws inside the springs should now be loose. Now remove the counter nuts. Turn the other nuts down so the touch the top plates. Then add and tighten the counter nuts.

  7. Remove PIBS from under the bed. Using the top plate screws lower the the top low plate. For a digital operating PIBS adjust the gap at about 3mm between top low plate and bottom plate. For analog working BIPS (to detect kg's) make the gap bigger.

    When done fasten the screws tight.

  8. Test PIBS. For digital operating BIPS when a person is in the bed the gap should go to 0 so top low plate touches the bottom plate. For analog operating BIPS there needs to be some gap. If not then the top low plate must be lifted. To get more force the screws inside the springs can be more fastened and the screws of the top plates need to be adjusted accordingly.

  9. Add the sensor in a way that when top lop plate touches the bottom plate a sensor gap of about 3mm remains. Avoid that the sensor touches the bottom plate and takes over the function of the forth leg of the bed.With the empty bed there should be a gap of about 6mm. The sensor measures distances between 0 and 10mm, so both extreme position can be detected.

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