In the web browser it can nicely be seen that the logic modules have some details as

Device Series LOGO!8 6ED1052-xxx08 0BA0

Device Type 12/24RCE

FW Version 1.82.01


The different Device series have different behaviors. It is therefore sometimes necessary to know what exact device is used. Unfortunately finding out the version is not very easy. 6ED1052-xxx08 0BA0 is written on the module.

The command "Determine Logo" lets see what LOGOs can be selected for the attached LOGO:

The following LOGO! can be used:



Now the questions are: What is a 6ED1052-xxx08 0BA0, what is a 0BA8.Standard and a LOGO! 8.FS4?

The following comes out of the help and gives some answers

Table 4.1. Versions of logic modules

  LOGO! 0BA7
6ED1052‑xxxxx‑0BA8 FS01‑FS03 LOGO! 0BA8
6ED1052‑xxxxx‑0BA8 FS04‑FS06 LOGO! 8.FS4
6ED1052‑xxx08‑0BA0 LOGO! 8.FS4
  LOGO! 8.FS5

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