SD card

The SD card must be inside SD card slot and the SD card slot must be sunken into the LOGO to have the SD card accessible to the LOGO!8.


It is recommended to power off the LOGO!8 when removing the SD card.

Once recognized by the LOGO, a _dirmeta.dat file containing all files and a time stamp will be created on the SD card.

Software updates can be done via SD card. Therefore the new program in the binary dump *.bin format with the default filename LOGO_U_P.bin needs to be on the SD card. This file is created via "save as" in LOGO Soft comfort. The software update is initiated by power up or via LOGO user interface (when in Admin mode and having a LOGO with a display).

The Ethernet IP address takes part of this SD card software update, this allows to set IP addresses on LOGO's without user interface.


Check if the SD card is clean and does not have the dirty bit set. For Linux fdisk -l and fsck.vfat /dev/sd<n>1

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