Just Suse Linux is officially supported, other Linux distributions will probably get some obstacles to be removed (as on Gentoo Linux).

To be able to read the DVD the Linux must be able to support udf. This might not be activated under Linux since the kernel source recommends to deactivated it.

cat /usr/src/linux/.config | grep CONFIG_UDF_FS will show how it is set

If not set, then recompiling the kernel with CONFIG_UDF_FS set.

Under Linux open the mounted DVD in the file manager.

Open start.html to see nicely what the dvd contains

As regular user (not root) open a console cd /run/media/<.....>/LOGOCOMFORT/Linux and start ./ so all error messages might pop up and remain on the screen.

First error might be bash: ./ Permission denied

This appears to be a nasty problem, since setting executable permission to the file means write to the read only DVD. One way out is to copy the complete DVD to a hard disk with a ext partition (not FAT) and set the executable permission to ./

The next error arrives Next error chmod: cannot access '/CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/Linux64/VM/Setup.bin': No such file or directory

This can be fixed as root by creating a symbolic link ln -s <directory where the copy is>/CDROM_Installers/ /

Verify that /CDROM_Installers holds the files as /CDROM_Installers/Disk1/InstData/Linux64/VM/Setup.bin

Now as regular user start ./

Luckily the installation ask for a destination folder. This allows to install as example into a user account and therefore avoiding any conflict with the Linux systems package manager.

After installation the LOGOComfort shell script found in the installations directory can be started. Unfortunately there is no desktop file. So opening File manager an double click, start it via console or create manually a desktop file is the way to go.

Example 5.1. Logo.desktop file

[Desktop Entry]
Icon=<path where installed>/Samples/Siemens.gif
Exec=<path where installed>/LOGOComfort

LOGOComfort.ico would be a nicer Icon and can be found in the DVD's Windows directory.

Now it is time to clean up delete <the directory where the copy is> and delete the sym link rm /CDROM_Installers

When working a "adapter type" runtime error might pop up. This can be fixed by adding for every Ethernet adapter found a "Suse Linux" file containing the Ethernet adapter name in the file name as example /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-enp3s0 where enp3s0 is what ifconfig shows.

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