Zip files

Summary on the commands used to zip and unzip for the various zip formats:

  1. 7-zip - app-arch/p7zip

  2. ace - app-arch/unace

  3. arj - app-arch/arj

  4. cpio - app-arch/cpio

  5. deb - app-arch/dpkg

  6. iso - app-cdr/cdrtools

  7. jar,zip - app-arch/zip and app-arch/unzip

  8. lha - app-arch/lha

  9. lzma - app-arch/xz-utils

  10. lzop - app-arch/lzop

  11. rar - app-arch/unrar

  12. rpm - app-arch/rpm

  13. zoo - app-arch/zoo

  14. unstuff - app-arch/stuffit

  15. lz4 - app-arch/lz4

There are some zip front ends as file-roller used in gnome that make use on the packages listed above.


Atool tries to do what a user expects. Certain archives scatter files allover the place when extracting. atool avoids this by putting always all into a directory. man atool shows all programs coming with atool.


Uses extensions as bz2. The tools are:

bzcat to unzip.

But there is also bzip2 and bunzip2. See man bzip2

gzip and gunzip

gzip<filename> to get <filename>.gz

gunzip<filename>.gz to get <filename>


Extract tar: tar –xzf<filename>.tar

Extract tar.gz: tar -xzf<filename>.tar.gz

Create tar.gz of a directory that is inside the current directory tar -czf<file name>.tar.gz <directory name>

Extract tgz: tar xvzf<filename>.tgz




zcat is identical to gunzip -c


So many things can go wrong. Go into the directory that you like to zip and zip -r <output filename>.zip * Password protection:

zip -P <password> -r <zipname>.zip <filename> or less strong

zip -e <dirname>.zip <filename>

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