Why again an other Linux Book

The purpose of this book is to have all I have learned and use for the administration of my Linux computers in one place.

It started as a couple of pages (in 2004) and got bigger and bigger over the years until it became a book. After that the book became so big that I decided in 2016 to split it into different books. In 2017 I started to delete all what I'm not using or probably never going to use again.

I wrote my books mainly for myself, however in a open source world, it is also nice to give something back to others and not always just profit.

The books originally referred mainly tohttps://www.gentoo.org/ Gentoo Linux using OpenRC https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/OpenRC. After splitting it into different books I try to get it less Gentoo Linux specific to make my books more interesting to people not having Gentoo Linux.

This book has been written using docbook (pure xml). Docbook strictly separates semantics (content meaning) from visual appearance. The docbook file is then converted into a visual presentation using stylesheets. Therefore this section shows what Docbook tags are used, but the outcome, the visual presentations depends on the stylesheet transformations. This means while I'm writing this text I do not know how it will later look like. This text is converted in html as well as pdf and might look therefore different. I use serna-free a WYSIWYG xml editor, so see one possible visual presentation while I'm editing (except when I work in text mode).

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