Internet relay chat

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an Internet protocol to chat.

A text based IRC client is irssi.

The documentation explains all the fancy stuff that you will hardly use on your first chats. All you need for a first chat is to connect somewhere and provide yourself a nick name. Here an example to connect to the sunrise portage overlay IRC do:

irssi -c -n <my name>

and when connected to this server, you need to connect to a channel:

/j #gentoo-sunrise

Now you are connected and what you type in can be seen. If you are done type

/quit or /exit to leave.

KSirc is a GUI IRC client however there is not much gui.

Live is not easy, there are IRC networks, IRC server and IRC channels. Using an IRC network you can connect to a IRC server and select (=join) a IRC channel.

Useful commands look as:




/join #gentoo-sunrise



Sometimes you like to show larger stuff in the chat, this can be done to copy and paste it to some public location on the Internet that will be wiped out after some time. Then just put the link in the chat. First emerge wgetpaste for that and then wgetpaste</path/to/your file> wgetpast returns then with the Internet link. The data is limited on size and intended to be text.

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