Devicekit replaced the monolithic HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer), however there are still some applications around that require HAL.

Make sure to add the user to the plugdev group as via command line:

gpasswd -a<username> plugdev

Devicekit is actually just the name of the project to replace HAL. So don't look for the Devicekit package. In this project the following packages have been created and many others will follow or adapted:

  1. UPower

  2. udisks

  3. media-player-info


udisks the disks daemon handles storage devices and uses PolicyKit for authentication issues. It fits between udev and D-Bus. It can also be used on the command line:

To get everything about your storage devices:

udisksctl dump

Or monitor what udisks sees (Ctrl+C brings you back)

udisksctl monitor

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