About myself

I was born 1962 in Lucerne Switzerland.

Figure 1.1. Me


I grew up in Kriens and I'm also a citizen of Root an other village close to Lucerne.

Figure 1.2. Root


Later I became an electrical engineer, I joined an international company, where I developed many years microelectronic circuitries. After that I got involved in product safety, environmental aspects of electro mechanical equipment, their hazards, product certifications, standards and law. Since I work just 80% additionally to join living, I find also some time to spend improving my electronics and software know how and writing my books.

I speak Swiss German, German, Italian, English and learn currently Spanish.

By the way, this document is not written in bad US English nor bad UK Queens English, it is written in good Swiss English! Sorry, but that's the best I can!

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