The concept

The IR transceiver girt (Gnu Infra red Transceiver) has an USB interface to communicate and to get power. It appears as virtual com-port using a FTDI chip to its connected computer (embedded device or fully blown PC's). It uses pure line terminated ASCII for the communication. It does not analyze IR data received, it just passes the wave form in ASCII to the attached host computer. The same applies also for transmitting.

For the infra red application everything else runs on a web server therefore the smart phones or tablets need just to open a web page. The web server can run anywhere but the IR transceiver needs to point toward the devices to be controlled. The smart phone requires to have just a recent web browser (it must understand SVG, old Microsoft Explorers don't) and connects via WLAN and TCP/IP to the web server.

The web server must support GCI or FCGI scripts making the connection to the IR transmitting device.

The web server can be a full blown PC as used for a home theater, but also a small embedded device as

A future project could be having both Linux web server and IR transmitter integrated in the same device and therefore reducing cabling and power supplies.

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