Installing SW on Gentoo Linux

For Gentoo Linux there is a ebuild available via http://www.linurs.local/linux/Overlays.html#Linursoverlaythat does those steps, so emerge girttools.


If not already done set the sqlite useflag and update python to get sqlite support.

For fcgi set the fcgi use flag.

Those flags don't do anything with girttools but emerge just the missing other packages.

The ebuild does not install the web pages. Check the options --help and then call it as -i should be the minimum for the first call to have the gci script installed.

Check the options for the daemon --help and then call it for the first time as -fd to install the named pipe (fifo) and create debug messages.

The daemon needs to be started automatically after boot and uses the OpenRC script /etc/init.d/girt so do a rc-update add girt default

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