The mechanical interface is derived from the single Eurocard, with DIN 41612 connectors having up to 32*3 connector but shifted the front panel to the side. This creates a front and a back panel that can accommodate connectors. The maximum height of the PCB is 80mm, that is half of the Eurocard (160mm).

OpenSCAD has been used to design the ElecX. OpenSCAD allows to parameterize the ElecX to have different sizes. ElecX is designed for 3D printing. The OpenSCAD files are available via

Front and Back

The front bracket contains the user interface, whereas the back bracket holds additional connectors to peripherals attached. The front or back brackets could have optionally its own specialized non standardizes PCBs to be more flexible and avoid cabling. Double (or even more) slot modules are also possible.

Isolation and shielding

Boards containing dangerous voltages or high currents need to be isolated or shielded. The current version of ElecX does not provide standard solution for that.

An ElecX internal enclosure using iron sheet metal or be 3D printed plastic could be created.

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