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ElecBox the Electronic prototyping Box

The ElecBox is a ultra fast prototyping platform. It is mostly a mechanical product to accommodate all kind of highly integrated electronic circuits into an portable case.

Since it is modular, a new project does not need to start from zero, but can take gain from well known modules.


See the manuals

Nothing is wrong to start with a spider net, but you really do not want to show it to others and move it away from your table.


Or if more convinced with your fast prototype, solder it to a breadboard that follows the ElecBox spec. Then you can use it with other ElecBox modules (maybe having an etched PCB).


The status of the project is that the concept is proven. My development and research work will make use of this platform.

The next step is industrialization of the mechanic pieces and doing some etched PCB's. This is a open source project, my intention is to freely provide all information. To get good quality and prices of the hardware, I look forward to make a bulk order and make the parts available to others.

I will also look to have the mechanical parts produced using 3D printers.