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eTruck charging power limiter


Charging eTrucks puts a high power load to the power grid. The higher the power the faster the eTruck can be charged. Trucks are built to travel and not to be parked at the charging station.

The building installation to deliver such high power demands and the contract with the energy supplier is costly. It is therefore desired to charge the eTruck with the maximum available power. The limits of the building circuit breaker must be respected.

Self generated electric power from photovoltaic systems will be added to the available power.

The Power Limiter does the job of supplying the maximum available power to the eTrucks Charging Station without having the fear that the buildings circuit breaker could trip.


  • Faster charging times
  • Optimal utilization of the building connection power limit
  • Limits current in the buildings circuit breaker
  • Intelligent power distribution
  • Integration of photovoltaic systems and energy storage solutions


  • Circuit Breaker 400A
  • Power Meter from smart-me
  • 100kW Photovoltaic installation
  • Engineering by E-Man
  • Charging Station 360kW from Kostad
  • eTrucks from DW Designwerk