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Usually your laptop works and you do not to be worried. However it can happen that you run into battery problems and then you don't know is it the battery or is it the laptop. This littel program allows you to connect a battery to a external I2C (or more preceise SMBus) adapter. It shows the major things that the battery knows about itself.

Manual installation

  • Download the newest version smartbat-*.*.tar.gz and extract the file and change in to its directory
  • Type make to compile the source
  • Type make install to install it
  • And when you do not like it, type make uninstall and remove the directory

Gentoo Linux installation

  • Install my Overlay linursoverlay
  • Since it is not an official ebuild you must unmask it. Type: echo "app-laptop/smartbat ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
  • Type emerge smartbat to install it
  • Type emerge --unmerge smartbat to remove it