Sgs3 USB

Car mode seems to made that the audio comes out of the microUSB connector. The microUSB connector supports more then just USB, there are also HDMI converters available for that plug. There is a standard called Mobile High Definition Link MHL for that, but the sgs3 does not follow this standard and has added a second row of 6 pins to the 5 pins of the microUSB plug. This is done in a way that standard microUSB connector can be used, but a special connector is required to conned to the additional 6 pins. The goal is that the 5 pins of the microUSB stay for USB but the other 6 pins are used for the multimedia purpose. Both the sgs3 connector and the MHL standard are not openly published.

Samsung sells an HDTV Adapter TIP 5 to 11 Pin Converter EPL-FU10BEGSTA or EPL-FU10BEBSTA to plug in standard MHL devices and a HDMI-Adapter-Kabel (HDTV) EPL-3FHU to get HDMI.

Galaxy S3 does not act as a USB storage when connected to USB, It acts as MTP device or PTP.

For MTP there is libmtb that needs to run and different programs make use of that lib as jmtpfs.

For PTP there is libptp2 and gtkam.

However FTP remains a real alternative.

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