Chapter 4. Data Exchange

Table of Contents

Data exchange via USB
mtp under linux
Access mtp devices
Mount mtp devices to file system
Persistent device name for MTP devices
Automatically mount mtp devices to file system
Sms from Android
Data exchange via FTP
Android as FTP server
Android as FTP client

The Android devices are made for data exchange, but there are too many interests in the data. The interest of the Android user is just one out of many and sometimes it seems that the user has low priority. Other interests are: Knowing all about the user and sell whatever to whoever and make money with it.

The user gets stuff for free or almost free, but it is like fishing, maybe there is a hook in the bait. Luckily the android market is open and bad apps get bad comments and might therefore disappear.

Therefore the following describes data exchange in a maybe a bit hard way:

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