Android Debug Bridge

adb the Android Debug Bridge establishes the connection to the device as via USB. It is used to control and manipulate files on the device via PC. Under Gentoo Linux it can be installed using emerge android-tools or manually downloaded from

If it is not installed using the linux distributions package manager then its directory is not known by the system and the Linux PATH environmental variable might be adjusted manually or run in its directory as ./adb help


Depending on the android adb might be disabled.

It might be necessary to put the device in recovery mode to access it via adb

Or go to the Settings app.

adb requires to be connected with the android device typically via USB. This needs some more steps on the android device but also on the computer.

See and

lsusb shows the devices lsusb -s 2:5 just the device on bus2 device 5 that has previously been identified as the phone lsusb -s 2:5 -v gives then the verbose info where idVendor and idProduct must be spotted:

idVendor 0x04e8 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

idProduct 0x6860 Galaxy (MTP)

On Linux the /dev files must be created. This can be done with different ways: customized udev rules or editing/create ~/.android/adb_usb.ini file.

If done adb devices should list the phone.

adb backup -apk -shared -all backups the data (not the system ROM with its partitions) in the current directory -f to select other directory

adb shell gives a linux sh

ell on the PC

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