BIOS update

Early AAO BIOS versions had bugs, one was that empty batteries did not charge any more therefore it is highly recommended to make a BIOS update to V0.3310.

No Windows, no DOS just Linux and the BIOS update from acer comes with a DOS program? From download and unzip a floppy image for FreeDos as FDSTD.288. FDSTD.288 is a FreeDos floppy image with 2.88MByte space, so the DOS utility should fit. Copy FDSTD.288 to /boot and add the following to your grub.conf (Note: /boot might not be necessary in the path, depending how your Linux is setup):

Example 1. Boot memdisk

root (hd0,0)
kernel /boot/memdisk
initrd /boot/FDSTD.288

memdisk is the floppy emulator and can be obtained by emerge syslinux and cp /usr/share/syslinux/memdisk /boot.

Now its worth to try out FreeDOS, boot it and you should find yourself in DOS. When done, the good old Ctrl Alt Del brings you back.

Reboot the PC in Linux and add the BIOS update utility to FreeDos. Create a mounting point mkdir /mnt/floppy and mount the image:

mount -o loop /boot/boot/FDSTD.288 /mnt/floppy

Now copy the DOS BIOS utility from Acer to the floppy image, reboot from FreeDos and update the BIOS.

When done it is wise to mount -o loop /boot/boot/FDSTD.288 /mnt/floppy and delete the BIOS update utility from there, since updating BIOS is a critical task that can badly hurt your PC when it crashes, or gets interrupted by a power failure.

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